Aims and Scope

The POSEIDO journal focuses on all aspects of the interconnected clinical and research fields of periodontal sciences, oral and cranio-maxillofacial surgery and medicine, esthetic and restorative dentistry, with a particular interest in implant dentistry, and related research.

Most publications are connected to the dental and maxillofacial field, but some are also from orthopedics, material sciences or other scientific disciplines interconnected with the POSEID research topics (e.g. bone implantable materials, bone regenerative medicine strategies), in order to promote transversal translational research.

POSEIDO is organized as an info journal (international forum), and is therefore publishing a significant quantity of editorial material, as a basis of information, debate and discussion for our community. This editorial material takes particularly the form ofclinical case lettersandresearch letters.

The objective of this strong editorial section is to create links between international research teams, toorganize our international research communityand to develop aneutral international platformfor the publication of debates and consensus conferences in the fast-growing and evolving fields of the POSEID disciplines.

The journal is also publishing a classical content with full-length articles (original articles and reviews), following a strict double peer-review process. The journal is particularly interested inoriginal research articles and clinical studies about new techniques, biomaterials and biotechnologies with direct clinical applications in the interconnected fields of periodontology, oral surgery, esthetic and implant dentistry. Review articles are also welcome if they make the clear synthesis of debated topics.

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