Proceedings of the POSEIDO SIREN

The POSEIDOis supporting an independentScientificInternational Research and Education Network (SIREN)of basic researchers and clinicians, in order to develop new research programs, to promote education projects and to prepare consensus conferences.All these partners are organized in independentstudy groupsfor the development of specific projects.

Each year, the POSEIDO journal is organizing special issues or roundtables of experts about specific topics with the help of the SIREN. These special issues can be synchronized with an international meeting or congress organized by the SIREN members. These articles are known as the proceedings of the POSEIDO SIREN.

The POSEIDO SIREN is currently focusingon several research topics, particularly the use ofplatelet concentrates (PRP/PRF) and regenerative medicine strategies in periodontology and implant dentistry, the development of an industrial standard for thecharacterisation of dental implant surfaces,the development of new bone implant materials. The clinical branch of the SIREN is currentlyworking on clinical roundtables about the treatment of the severely resorbed posterior mandible, and a first part of this work was published in 2013 in POSEIDO 2013;1(2).

Other themes of publication of the SIREN are regularly posted in the respective issue pages of the journal.

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