Consensus conferences

The POSEIDO network is organizing debates and consensus conferences on various hot research topics, both in basic and clinical sciences.

From 2006 to 2012, severalclassification and consensus articleswere supported and published by the POSEIDO study groups in high-impact scientific journals. Among them, 2highly-cited classifications were published, related toregenerative medicine strategiesandimplantable biomaterial surfaces, and a firstconsensus conferencewas also organized about platelet concentrates for use in regenerative medicine.

Two consensus conferences and suggested guidelines of the POSEIDO were also published in 2013 concerning the characterization ofdental implant surfaces, and the definition of families of platelet concentrates for surgical use (Platelet-Rich Plasma - PRP - and Platelet-Rich Fibrin - PRF).

Members of the Organization can suggest new topics for the preparation of these consensus conferences, by contacting the POSEIDO Editorial Office at

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