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POSEIDO, Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2014

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Special Theme:Clinical round table about the implant-supported rehabilitation of the resorbed posterior mandible (Part 2)

Table of Contents POSEIDO. 2014;2(4):225-61.


The development of special theme issues and the POSEIDO Forum Civitatis: OASIS, PACT, ISAIAS, APOLLO, CRONOS, or a new approach to transdisciplinarity. ByDavid M. Dohan Ehrenfest, Lidia M. Wisniewska, Nelson R. Pinto, Marsel Z. Mirgazizov, Chang-Qing Zhang, and Adriano Piattelli.

Pages 225-31

Research articles: rehabilitation of the resorbed posterior mandible

Interpositional graft associated with alveolar osteotomy for posterior mandible ridge augmentation (sandwich osteotomy) using hydroxyapatite or autogenous bone: histological evaluation. ByKaren Bechara, Alexandre M. Dottore, Paulo Y. Kawakami, Alessandra Cassoni, Gabriela Giro, Jose Augusto Rodrigues, Leandro Chambrone, Adriano Piattelli, Giovanna Iezzi,and Jamil Awad Shibli.

Pages 233-9

Comparative evaluation between one-piece implants of zirconia or titanium placed in posterior mandible: 6 months follow-up. ByRicardo R. Vecchiatti, Andre L.O. Campos, Welington F. Morais, Jose A. Rodrigues, Alessandra Cassoni, and Jamil Awad Shibli.

Pages 241-51

Research article

Accuracy of guided osteotomy using dental implant treatment-planning software in combination with an optical scan of a dental cast. ByBruce J. Kowalski, Marc Manos, Michael Levi, and Joe “Ambrose” D’Ambrosia.

Pages 253-61

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